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Who wants one?

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gonna miss him.

Well hello!!! its been so long! How are you? That’s good. Myself? MEH :/ But lets not talk about that, instead tell me a story. One where the good guy gets the reward of his hard work. A story when the little boy isn’t left alone. How about a story where nothing is confusing, and we are all able to live happily ever after. I want to have you hold me in your arms one last time before you leave us all, and you tell me about things that no one else would ever thing of. Or how about you call me “guy or Mister Man” just once more. I would really like that Dad.

My #1 want is…

… A boyfriend… but not any boyfriend, one that would go out in public with me and hold my hand, and even show affection… im not talking PDA but just a guy who isn’t afraid of who he is and what others think of him.

what is green and has four wheels……. grass, i lied about the wheels
— Devin Woodland
I’m not the gay friend. I have no problem with being your friend. And if we end up being best friends thats even better. But no matter what i will never be some fake ass bitch’s “Gay Best friend”.
— Kevin Fyfe
I think bed head is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!! just so you all know :)
— myself
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